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Save Our Socks. I seem to have a problem. If you are a knitter, you know the curse. And how it can befall you. We speak of it in hushed tones. We joke about it. It’s funny.
Until it happens to you.


Above you see the evidence. The proof even. That the author of this blog has a serious case of Second Sock Syndrome aka SSS. (The author would be me of course). I try to keep my wips down to a manageable level. I really do. Right now I have seventeen wips. Which is a higher number than I’ve seen in a while.

But here’s the scary part. Six of the wips are socks. Yes, I can count. There are only four socks up there. One of them is on location for a photo shoot. One of them is sooper seekrit for the sock club and if I show you that, well I’d have to kill you. I am a member of the Fiber Mafia you know.

The rest of my wips are 5 shawls, 3 sweaters, 2 scarves, and 1 blanket. It’s so sad. But the SSS is the worst of it. Interestingly enough, four of the six socks are ones I designed myself. And I don’t wanna work the second one. I wanna design new socks. Can I call them done?

Does anyone know a cure for this SSS? Other than chopping off my left foot?


  1. Jackie

    Instead of considering these 4 unfinished pair of socks, think of it as 2 pairs of socks completed! Whoever said your socks had to match???

  2. Eric

    If you are making a sock for a photo shoot the job is done, unless your model has two feet.

  3. LizzieK8

    I agree. There is no law I’m aware of that says socks have to match.

  4. Shevon

    I second Jackie’s vote, wear unmatching socks! It’s actually six different combinations of socks!

  5. Preita

    amazingly I have never come down with single sock syndrome. But with so many 1/2’s completed you have 2 full pairs. 😀

  6. Daniele

    I absolutely love the white ones. Maybe you could finish one pair, and then call the rest done? 🙂


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