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When I first started designing shawls, it was for the love of a sideways shawl. I hadn’t seen anything that was quite what I had pictured in my head (even though there were a few out there) and I wanted to make my vision reality. And so I started my personal obsession with sideways with Gaenor.

Gaenor was a huge hit, and my first taste of success. I started to see that pattern designing might be a viable stream of income. And so I did more sideways shawls…


Renita, Lacaune, Eira, Argante,
Katara, Paris Mill, Kyveli, Cordelle,
Vittorio, Berlioz, Pettine, and Creedence.

I don’t do sideways often anymore because there are other shapes and methods to play with. Places to go and stitches to see. But when I recently got assigned the super delicious and smoothy Anzula worsted weight For Better or Worsted, I had an ace in the hole.

Years ago I found this weird little stitch pattern online – it was filled with charming little tidbits¬†such as “a nice pattern with many uses” or “This row is repeated alternately, therefore we shall not mention it again.” Also the picture is sideways so when I tried to figure out the 36-row repeat from the the 15 rows of instructions – “The knitting can now be easily continued from illustration.” – I was a teensy bit confused.

But I figured it all out and worked up the squishiest, softest, most delicious sideways shawl to wrap yourself up in this fall and winter. It will be coming out very soon with a fab collection of Anzula patterns, so for now here is a super smoothy sneak peek! Still needs blocking and of course a proper photo shoot, but the squishy goodness cannot be denied!

2014-11-05 10.04.42


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