Stitches South Recap

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I wish I could express how much fun I had. Or how fabulous my traveling companions were. Or how every knitter I met and talked to was gracious and kind and hilarious and fun. Really. It was like being in some sort of fabulous knitting commune where there is every color wool and cute waiters to bring you very expensive drinks and fabulous food and….
But I can’t do it justice in a blog post so I won’t try. I will say that the last time I left my boys for more than one overnight that did not involve work for me was approximately ten years ago. So it was long overdue.

Friday we left at 5am. Why 5am? Because that’s when the Starbucks by my house opens. We arrived at the hotel around 11 or so, got an early check-in and headed to market. Market is completely overwhelming. It’s like 100 local yarn stores crammed into one big space. So many choices. Hence over the course of three days I bought too much!


From the top row by row:
Row 1: Bag from Sweet Shrub Designs, and minis from Miss Babs
Row 2: KnitWitch sock yarn, and raffle prize from Miss Babs
Row 3: Bugga & Little Traveler from Sanguine Gryphon
Row 4: Laceweight from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks, and an Ashford Competition Lazy Kate from Carolina Homespun

Friday night was a Ravelry pajama party in the lobby. Snacks and drinks and knitting and contests. It was fabulous fun. Saturday night was dinner at Scalini’s – a wonderful Italian restaurant owned by KnitWitch’s dad.

The beds were comfortable, the hotel was gorgeous, the company was sublime. And I got to knit as much as I wanted and spend time with friends new and old. I can promise you I will go back next year. And if you weren’t sure about going, you should go. Definitely.


  1. Sharon

    Oooooh! Sounds like such a good time! Ginger and I went last year. While we had a lovely time and learned a lot, it just wasn’t as fabulous as you and the gals described it this year. I should have learned my lesson by now to never go to a convention the first year they have it! I’m go glad you all had a good time!

  2. Jan Stephens

    Thank you so much for my prize of Malabrigo red yarn and the Surry Hat pattern. Your gifts were very generous. Stitches was great and having you and Ravelry was icung on the cake. I went to the party and the pj party too. See you next yer! Jan

  3. Sara

    Oh wow! Sounds like fun! I am sooo going next year!

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