2011 Stitches South

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We had entirely too much fun! Did I meet you there? Make sure to friend me on Ravelry or Twitter or leave a comment. I’m picnicknits pretty much everywhere. I did not take enough pictures however. That might be because I forgot my camera. Yeah. But hey, let’s tell a mini story in pictures anyhow.
Door prize table at the Stitches South PJ Party thrown by Kimberly aka SomeBunnysLove. The blue stuffed bags in the back are PicnicKnits shawlette patterns with yarn to make ’em in!


A very grainy group shot – did I mention I forgot my camera? This does not even begin to convey how many knitters were at the PJ party Saturday night. It was amazing!


The best bunny slippers in the history of the world forever amen. If you are this knitter, comment – I forgot to get your name!


White Peach Sangria (oh yes!) at the Scalini’s dinner party thrown by the Knit Witch. The food was to die for, the company beyond compare, and there were more door prizes! It was so much fun spending the day and evening with some of my imaginary internet friends. They’re real and they’re spectacular! *snicker*


I did not win a door prize. But my dear friend Kim (aka ContinentalKim) won four skeins of KnitWitch laceweight. And she gave two of them to me. I am in pale lavender heaven!


I got this amazing book from the Yarn Barn. It is a how-to/stitch dictionary/prepare to be amazed kind of book. But it has lots of nupps. I hate nupps. Nupps and bobbles are the work of the devil. But then Kristin reminded me that beads are lovely nupp substitutes. Because she is smarter than me. So I had to buy it!


You see where this is going right? Laceweight yarn from Miss Babs in Luna Granite and some amazing coordinating size 8 seed beads from Moss Hollow Pottery.


A Stitches South T-Shirt that is sadly too tight. But, I have been steadily losing weight so I see me wearing this in no time! Plus I’m a sucker for a ringer tee!


I could not resist this print. I was tempted by the larger bag, but it was just way out of my budget by the time Sunday rolled around. By Erin Lane.


One of the sweetest people I met all weekend was Noelle who works for the Sanguine Gryphon and makes Circus Girl Stitch Markers. Thanks so much Pam for making sure we met!


And it was Noelle who helped me pick out the absolutely draw-droppingly gorgeous Bugga that I will be knitting a new design up in – Strawberry Crab. *sigh* It’s even more beautiful in person. From the Sanguine Gryhpon of course.


And then it was home again, home again, jiggity jig. I arrived home to kisses and hugs from my menfolk, a tidy house, all the laundry done, and lunches ready for the next school day. I am spoiled rotten. They even bought my some lovely flowers because they missed me, and because they were “Easter egg colors”. Yep, I got it good.



  1. Trillian42

    Isn’t Noelle a doll? You can see why she’s one of my dearest friends. I’m so glad you guys got to meet up – I just wish I could have been there, too!
    I love love LOVE Strawberry Crab. I’ve been plotting a sweater in that since Cacie first came up with the color.

  2. sillylittlelady

    sadly, we didn’t get to meet, but I had a boatload of fun at Stitches South too!

  3. Kitten With A Whiplash

    Great loot, fun memories, nice new friends… what fun! Totally lovin’ the elegant combination of Babs and The Beads.

  4. Mary

    sadly I wasn’t there this year, but meeting you last year was a highlight. your sideways shawl patterns are my first recommendation when people ask what to knit with that special skein of (stitches) yarn to be sure to use every last inch of it!!

  5. Noelle

    Thank you for the lovely praise! I had such a great time with you all 🙂
    Just a quick aside- who in your group wanted the 3 skeins of the light grey Gaia Lace and do I have them friended on Rav? My username is circusgirl- come find me!

    Thanks again! Let’s do it again soon 🙂

  6. Kelly

    Looks like you had lots of fun! Wish I could’ve been there this year. I love that laceweight and the beads-that’s going to be gorgeous!!


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