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by | Nov 26, 2008 | Uncategorized

So I’m running out of posting mojo. So I say to myself, “Self, just go to page 27 of your flickr photostream and find a picture there and blog about it.” Why page 27? Because 27 is the best number ever. Don’t you have a favorite number?
Well, I didn’t see much on page 27. Well I did see some things that made me slightly grumpy, but I got over it fast. And then I remembered. I hadn’t done my blogstalker yet this week. And blogstalker week ends today. So, it’s another double topic day!

What is your favorite breakfast? Oddly enough there was a picture of my favorite breakfast on (you guessed it!) page 27 of my flickr photostream. Chicken minis from Chick-Fil-A. Little fried chicken nuggets wrapped up in yeasty rolls with a sweet glaze. Nummers!


And the second question: What makes you into a human being in the morning? That is a bit more detailed. I get up a good 30-45 minutes before anyone else. I plurk, I shower, I check my normal online haunts quickly, and then I get up and fix breakfast and lunch for everyone. I get dressed, I try to squeeze in a spot of makeup. And finally, sometimes before I take the boys to school, but more frequently after, I get a bit of breakfast. But the thing that makes me human is the diet pepsi. It runs through my veins. I audibly sigh after I take the first drink in the morning. Scary, huh? Well you asked. Ok, technically the blogstalker folks asked. But you’re the one who’s still here reading after this near month of craziness. (And I love ya for it!)

Hey, maybe tomorrow we’ll have some knitting. That’s funny, isn’t it?


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