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I adore my boys. Truth be told, I don’t think I’m cut out for girls. But that’s why I’m glad some of my friends have girls – it gives me some girly time, and a chance to buy girly presents.
A young friend who calls me Aunt Corrina (which I love!!!!) turned eight. And this is someone who has a highly developed sense of style. Someone who is in her first year of private school, and now has to wear uniforms. Talk about squashing the spirit. But the one thing they can choose is their hair ribbons and barrettes. So I set out today for some sort of art kit so she could make her own.

There aren’t any. Not that I could find anyway.

So we kicked it old school. Old, old school. Like back in my day. When I was eight. And I got her all the supplies to make my favorite barrettes when I was her age. Oh I wish I had gotten some pictures of the kit. But we had the dentist today and too much running around. But I got her a little bin to hold the ribbons, the bar-style barrettes, and the beads. Now if you’re anywhere near my age you know where I’m going here. Fortunately I did get a picture of the finished product.


Makes you wish you were eight again, doesn’t it?


  1. trillian42

    The very first barrette I made like that was green and white grosgrain ribbon with the same kind of beads as you used – green-white-green on the white ribbons, and white-green-white on the green ribbons.
    Uh, yeah. I remember those barrettes quite clearly. 😀 I loved them.

  2. Yorkie

    WOW…I TOTALLY remember making those when I was in 5th grade. They were the BOMB. I had gree/light green, pink and peach, and I think red and green for Christmas, maybe some blue. I left off the beads, though, because they always whapped my face when I ran!


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