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I’m plugging along on my February Lady Sweater. It’s been a busy week with tons of homework and the fact the the Pub Club sock packages go out today! Woot! In fact, I’m waiting for Chris to call me so I can head over and help her put the finishing touches on the packages. But tomorrow another fun thing happens. The Yarn Harlot is coming to town. To be honest with you, I wasn’t going to go. But I put on my big girl panties (the ones with the martini glasses on them) and had someone else buy me a ticket.
But I digress. I really should rename this blog something about digressing. Because I can’t follow a train of thought to save my life. And I live *right* by the train tracks. Right. Back on track. Yarn Harlot. I must be even more excited to go to see her than I thought because last night I actually dreamed about her. She was sorting yarn into little cubes and I went up to talk to her. I don’t remember what dream-me said, but I must have sounded mental. Because the dream-harlot looked at me with pity and said, “Sweetie, can I get you some help? Call someone for you?”

Did this post have a point? Why yes, yes it did. My FLS is lovely, but bulky at this point, and if you’re going to see the Yarn Harlot you really have to knit socks. I mean it’s a great knitting tradition, right? So here’s the thing. Which sock should I knit? I feel like I should finish one of the socks that has no mate. I really do. But I don’t wanna. I wanna start a brand new sock. A sock made of happiness and light. Maybe a sock out of some Noro Silk Garden sock.

Sock Possibilities

So there’s my sock possibilities. Five socks that need a partner. (Sooper seekrit is still in the witness protection program!) Three balls of Noro, and there is the claudia handpaint and the melody in the group shot, and some very lovely Sheldridge farms there. Hmmm… I think one of the Noros needs some love. Any votes?


  1. Jackie

    I vote for Squirmy! Love your pattern with Chris’s yarn!

  2. Kat



    (I totally read your blog, its one of the few things I CAN read at work. Just can’t see the peeektures.)

    –Da Kat

  3. Daniele

    You know my vote is for the white sock’s mate, but, ooh…. the possibilities! New yarn is so hard to pass up! Have fun visiting the Harlot. 🙂


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