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by | Jun 11, 2005 | Uncategorized

In a fit of misplaced guilt, I decided to knit up something quick for the baby of the people who I am pretty sure don’t like me. So presenting…

It’s an umbilical cord hat from SnB. I worked it entirely on size 7 dpns, cause I didn’t have the right size circ and I refused to spend any money. And it’s knit from some Bernat Denim Style that I had picked when I first started thinking it was soft. Working on the size 7 dpns was no problem at all.

The socks are worked on size 3 dpns in the same yarn. They turned out really cute. They have a modified rib stitch pattern on them. I used some sock patterns I had, but basically made them up as I went along.

This whole set worked up in less than 6 hours. It didn’t even use an entire ball. Bernat makes a pink version of the denim style as well. So I’m thinking this is my fall-back quick baby gift.

And more importantly…. secret pal stuff. This arrived on Thursday, but they had it at the office and y’all know how much I just love going to apartment office to see the mean people. But without further ado….

Look at this cute striped project bag. Totally my style. I have a good, good SP. But wait, there’s more:

The bag is reversible! And it contained 12 skeins of knitpicks shine twist in romance, a gorgeous blend of pinks & purple; 3 cute knitting buttons; an i-cord making dolly; a little measuring tape dude; addi turbos in size 5 to work my shine one; and an adorable Knitters’ Anonymous patch. So much fun.

Pardon me. I have no time to talk to you imaginary people, I have to go and research projects that will work with my new shine twist.


  1. Deb

    Wow! What a haul! Your SP rocks!

  2. Jennifer

    What a fab secret pal!!

  3. Ali

    Your Sp really cares for you!! Great Stuff.


  4. alicec

    Fun stuff…how are you liking Sitcom Chic?? I’m about to start it…

  5. mamma

    Your hat and socks are too cute to give to someone who doesn’t like you. You did a really nice job on them. Pretty yarn from your SP


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