Success by any other name…

by | Feb 3, 2009 | Uncategorized

Well it would smell just as sweet! Today has been a pretty successful day. I got up on time. Even though the psycho beagle did his 2am routine that woke me from blissful dreams for the 2nd night in a row. But I got up on time. I took the boys to school. I did jobs. I convinced the man to pick up the psycho beagle’s meds so that I didn’t have to drive across town. I cleaned the dishwasher and I’m caught up on laundry. Well at least until the boys go to bed.
And the sock? The sock is love. I’m just as pleased as punch with it. (What the heck does that mean anyway?) But anyhow. I really love it. And I quite pettily felt happy when I saw another sock that was in the same vein that I don’t think is nearly as pretty as mine. Of course it helps that I have the best materials.

But I feel good about these things. So I reskeined some of my dyeing experiments from a few weeks ago. This one is a lovely hot-pink semi-solid. It was the culmination of all of my experiments and the method that I’m happiest with. See?


Very pretty, no? And I will be making some business investments here in the next few weeks and then I will launch my evil master plan. Or just try to sell some yarn.


  1. Jackie

    That is REALLY pretty! Love it!

  2. Daniele

    Go for it! I love evil master plans!!!


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