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Designing Cithara was part of my quest for the perfect sweater. There were elements I included in that design that I really enjoy. Specifically the zipper and the turned hems. But I’ve been thinking more and more about what sort of sweater I want to design and knit – for myself – that has all the right stuff. A sweater I can wear more than once a week, that will be comfortable and wear well, and not be so very distinctive that I can’t wear it often. But distinctive enough to be beautiful and something others would like to knit as well.
This is a tall order. But I’ve started with the yarn. It’s the perfect go with everything color.


The colorway is called Cloud Jungle, and it’s Dream In Color’s beautiful workhorse of a yarn Classy. I’ve heard this wears very well, so it satisfies the “wear a lot” requirement and the colorway is nothing short of genius. It’s kind of a smoky purplish grey. Kind of. But it has hints of browns in it. Which I adore, because that is one of my biggest wardrobe problems. Rich browns are good colors for me. But basically in my closet I have clothes you can wear with brown things and brown shoes and then another subset of clothing that only goes with black stuff. But with this being both grey and brown I think it will bridge that gap!


The Classy has a nice twist to it, and the little bits of other colors are so nice. There are hints of rose and plum and in some light bits of greenish brown. It really is the perfect go with anything chameleon of a colorway.

I’ve done some sketches and I’m thinking hard about what exactly I want this sweater to be. What do you think makes a sweater perfect?


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  1. Katinka

    I went crazy and started sorting my yarn bins by color yesterday, and I could NOT decide where my skeins of Cloud Jungle went! 😉 It was a toss-up between the burgundy/plum bin, brown bin, and black/grey bin — they looked good with all three.


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