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by | Apr 19, 2005 | Uncategorized

It was beautiful while it lasted, wasn’t it? I frogged it. It being soleil. The whole damn thing. Yes I said damn. I found a hole last night. And then another. And then another. And then I knew about one mistake in the lace I was *choosing* to ignore. But then I found a couple more. Plus I think I cast on too tight and the edges weren’t ever gonna “un-curl”. *sigh*

So now we have a very misshapen ball of endless summer sonata mauve (which is not really mauve but periwinkle) sitting in my project bag. It’s quite depressing.

Also winding up all the frogged yarn made my left wrist hurt something fierce.

What other WIPS do I have?

The striped booga – about 30% done.
Later Gator Mittens – one mitten done, but not connected or decorated. 40%
Thick man’s socks – about 20% done. Only down to the heel on the 1st sock.
Man’s dress socks – about 5% done. Still working on the cuff for that.

Things I need to do:

Baby present for baby boy S. who will arrive near the end of May. Thinking a big bad blanket in Encore still.

Queen of Hearts bikini for skinny friend D.

And sigh of all sighs, I guess I need to recast on for Soleil.


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