Tada! It’s a boobholder!

by | Jul 15, 2005 | Uncategorized

This is the minisweater in all it’s glory along with the dress that I wanted it for. The dress has spaghetti straps and is not appropriate for church. So I needed a coverup. Also I’m gonna cast on today hopefully for a matching shapely tank to make a Florida style twinset.

Pattern notes etcetera…

1. Worked in vanilla cotton-ease on size 8 needles.

2. The raglan increases are done as kfb’s which resulted in the open lacy look of them, which I love.

3. Only six rows of garter stitch were worked for the top, the bottom, and the sleeves. This is to match the shapely tank. Also only 4 stitches of garter were done on the sides for a balanced look.

4. The sleeves were worked on dpns. I had to darn the armpit holes that resulted.

5. I cast on 68 stitches and divided them 12-11-22-11-12. This was for two reasons. One was to accomodate using smaller needles. Two was for a slight size increase. All the other boobholders I saw were on teeny people and I wanted to make sure this would fit.

6. I modified the sleeve decreases that the cuffs would perfectly fit my arms. I didn’t want gapey sleeves.

Why do I love this sweater so? Well for starters, I finished a garment! And also it fits me perfectly. I did “the math”, I bravely made the appropriate changes and it worked. Perfectly.

I’m not super happy about the way the cotton-ease shows every stitch detail and increase on the size 8’s. Those are the recommended needles and I think the resulting fabric (which is perfect label gauge) is too open and airy.

But all I need now are some strappy white sandals and I’m ready to go!


  1. Malarky

    Very nice. I was wondering how this would work up on Cottonease.

  2. Laura

    Cute! I appreciate all the pattern notes as this is a pattern I’ve been thinking of making.


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