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I’ve been crazy super busy lately. The first two sonnets have been published and are available for individual or e-book purchase. Fortunately I already knew what the 3rd Sonnet was going to be. I had previously swatched the main motif and I knew this gorgeous deep green yarn was destined to work in this design. Destined I tell you. And we don’t monkey around with destiny. Or tradition for that matter. (Name that movie – anyone?)
So today I finally was able to pull the green yarn out of it’s carefully packaged sleeve and feel it. And I did a full-on George Takei – “Oh my!” Yeah, it’s that good. Pillow Talk is the name of yarn put-up and it’s a really good name. The feel and touch and squoosh of this yarn totally lives up to that name.

TurtlePurl dyed this up specifically for the Seven Sonnets collection – the colorway is called “We were looking for leafy”. It’s an 80% superwash merino wool, 10% Cashmere, and 10% nylon blend, but it feels like way more cashmere. It really does make you gasp just to touch it, it’s that soft!


And the color… swoon. The color is just scrumptious. Rich and variegated, but tonal enough to work beautiful lace in. I am in love with this yarn and I am not a green person. At all. But this green is good. Very good. Talk to me baby indeed.


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