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I love the internet. The internet has been very, very, very good to me. Many years ago I met my amazing husband via the internet. And of course were it not for the internet I would not have met all sorts of wonderful friends. Not to mention this little knit designing business thing I got going on.
When The Sock Report went live last spring I was extremely honored to be a part of it with my pattern Cassian. The online magazine format that they have set up is fabulous, with an easy to use interface and gorgeous photography.


But there’s something to be said for having a tangible thing to hold in your hands. Something with crisp pages, and stunning pictures, and the fresh smell of being newly printed. And when you see your own name in there next to something beautiful that you are very proud of, it makes it even better.


So I feel lucky. And blessed. And it’s your lucky day also because they sent me two hardcopies of The Sock Report. Which means that of course it’s contest time! (Woo-hoo!) All you have to do is comment here on this post by Friday and answer me one little thing….

What is your favorite sock yarn?


  1. Sheila

    You truly expect me to pick just one favorite sock yarn?!? That’s nigh on impossible, because there are so many wonderful sock yarns out there. Right now I’d say my favorite is Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight. But I just started a pair of fingerless mitts out of Shibui sock 100% SW merino and I ‘m really loving it too.

  2. Tricia

    That would be Sokkusu from Socktopus. Full disclosure – I’m friends with Alice, who has it milled to her specifications, but I’m sure I would love it anyway. It has the body of Socks that Rock Lightweight, but is slightly finer, and almost the softness of Malabrigo Sock, but harder wearing. It has amazing stitch definition and makes a lovely even fabric. It also comes in gorgeous colours dyed by Alice’s co-conspirator Ling.

  3. Bonnie Jacobs

    Oh my… I have to pick just one??? Can I say self-striping sock yarn with larger areas of colour & pattern to them & at least 5 inches before a repeat? If I have to pick a brand I’m torn between Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Alpaka and Loops & Threads Luxury Cashmere

  4. Lilie

    My favorite sock yarn is MCN Luxe Sock by Fiberphile. It is so soft!

  5. Melodie Thomas

    I have the ebook but of course a printed version of it would be wonderful! Thank you for the chance to win.
    Hmmmm favorite sock yarn is a tough one, not sure I have A favorite. But I love Madelinetosh, Wollmeise and Bugga/skinny Bugga but haven’t ordered any of that since they split into two companies.

  6. emma

    I love the Knitting Goddess yarns – the yarn is beautifully soft to knit with, wears well and her colours are amazing!

  7. JD

    I stick with Opal sock yarns with my CSM, otherwise Blue Moon Socks That Rock for knitting.

  8. sillylittlelady

    Just one favorite huh? That’s tough. I really like Malabrigo sock because I’ve worked with it for a few different designs, I feel like I’m getting to know the yarn well, we’re on a first-name basis even! I hope to expand my experience, but for now Malabrigo is in the bag 🙂

  9. Krista

    Over & over I use Shibui, but my favorite, because it wears like steel, has to be Socks that Rock in Medium. Love that stuff. And they’ve got beautiful colorways.

  10. StaceyD

    Ive got to admit that I don’t have just one favorite. I’m drawn to several of the small dyers from the region that I find at fiber festivals and LYSs when I travel. It’s very cool to find a yarn that is fantastic and in a color I’ve not seen elsewhere and be able to support small businesses. And I like being asked “hey that’s cool – what is it and where’d you get it?” at my local knit nights. Hopefully I’m helping a talented artist get more business.

  11. Mary

    oh it is hard to pick just one! but I do love claudia handpaints fingering. fabulous colors. perfect twist. fun for socks…and other things! (and congrats to you on the book. especially a “real” one 🙂

  12. Katinka

    Colinette Jitterbug. Reminds me of thick spaghetti noodles. 🙂

  13. Anne Marie

    Well, I have to pick home grown Nebraska Brown Sheep Wildfoote.

  14. Brenda

    Oh boy having to pick one favorite…toughie! I would have to say Madeline Tosh Sock with Malabrigo Sock in a close second. Thanks for the contest…I never win, but it’s fun anyway. I’ll keep looking for the hard copy, too.
    And, btw, you should feel very proud! Your work is amazing. Well, you know what a fan I am. 😀

  15. sairy

    ooh my favorite sock yarn? I’m not sure I even know anymore.
    I guess I have to go with MadelineTosh Sock since it’s what I used for the last pair 🙂

  16. Merry Fenton

    I’d have to vote for Araucania Ranco. It comes in great colors, has great stitch definition and is reasonably priced. All that said, you do have to watch out for felting. Still I love knitting with it and the finished product.

  17. Lynn

    Although it’s been a while since I’ve used it, I’m going to say Regia Silk. I love a sock yarn with some silk content. Preferably merino and silk. Those fibers are soft enough that I could make something for my knit instead of my feet, if I wanted. But I like to sample different brands of sock yarn whenever possible.

  18. Emily

    I love *all* sock yarn, but right now I’m loving on (*gasp*) Red Heart Stardust – it’s similar in quality to Opal, Trekking, and yarns like those, but it SPARKLES. 🙂 My last two pairs of socks were made from it.

  19. Andrea

    SOOO many. I’d have to say Wisdom Yarns Poems. Not the softest thing in the world but I love the long color changes and the warmth.

  20. Penny aka pennala on rav

    This is a really impossible question for me to answer. I really can’t pick just one favorite. I have so many. I love them all and I love trying new ones. The only way I could make any decision would be to say my favorite would be the ones I am using at the time I am working with them and I never knit only one sock at a time.

  21. Melanie

    I like my own Black Trillium yarns because I’m in complete control of the colors and the variety of fiber contents. I like Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR for how quick it knits up and the incredible ways Tina puts together colors. I like Wollmeise for the yardage, the intense colors and the unique construction. I don’t think I can choose exactly one, but if I did, I’d say my Black Trillium Merilon Sock. I could knit with it forever and get all of what I need for socks, shawls, and baby things.

  22. Jen

    So hard to choose – I’ll have to go with the yarn from Socktopus as well – Sockusu. Lovely to knit with, wears well, and gorgeous colours

  23. juniperjune

    right now i’m going to have to go with hazel knits “entice” MCN. i’m knitting a “semele” out of it and it’s soooooo soft!

  24. Rae

    Wow hmm only get to choose one huh well I am going to have to say Malabrigo Sock then its soft , works up nicely & has beautiful colors.

  25. MariGayle

    Am I allowed to pick my own?! I love dyeing up new colorways, and currently I only sell sock yarn, so my own (www.spartickesdyes.etsy.com) is my first pick. But, my very close second favorite is AnotherCraftyGirl (www.etsy.com/shop/anothercraftygirl). Her yarn is AMAZING. I love it hard-core. Specifically, I’ve been lusing over Gamet and Telly Monster. I’m not sure which one I like better….

  26. thegoldengirl

    Incredibly tough choice, but Ella Rae Lace Merino has the best hand for me (so far!), as far as sock yarn goes.

  27. KateJonze

    Choosing one sock yarn is the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time! I love Tempted because I love Tempted ♥, I love Malabrigo for its colors and softness, I love Vesper for its crazy colors, I love numma numma for its texture, I love Zauberball for its strength … I guess I could go on and on. But the first one that came to mind was Madelinetosh, so that’s what I’ll say, although I truly love them all.

  28. Lana

    The Plucky Knitter’s Plucky Feet is my favorite sock yarn– for at least the next hour. 😉

  29. Janice

    wow–that is completely tough, but I must say my current fave is Unique Sheep Green Sheep Fingering!

  30. Netta Schwartz

    I adore fibernymph dyeworks self striping or another crafty girl. I am somewhat new to sock knitting. Next up for me is to try Vespar.Thanks for asking!

  31. Karyn/Kaia

    Wow, so many replies already! There’s not a whole lot of sock yarns of any exciting quality or quantity around here, at least not in the only yarn shop in this town! I am dying to try Socks That Rock and also Malabrigo, but I haven’t gotten there yet.
    I did buy some sock yarn when I was last in Copenhagen, and it’s so pretty I haven’t touched it yet – I have to decide if I’m really doing socks or if I’m going to save it for a shawl! It’s Shibui sock yarn in a magical colourway I can’t find online, and I’m petting it daily. Soooo until I get my hands on STR or Malabrigo Sock, I guess I’ll have to go with that!

  32. Kelly S.

    Just one sock yarn is so hard to pick!! I really loved working with the Malabrigo sock, and Colinette Jitterbug comes in a close second.

  33. Christel

    Wow! What a question! I don’t know if I can pick just one. I like Dream in Color Smooshy, the former Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! And Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock to name a few. Must admit that I knit more shawls than socks with sock yarn.

  34. Kathryn Moser

    Koigu…great color, grat texture. Thanks for asking!

  35. Lisa ferron

    I can’t possibly choose just one. I love cherry tree hill, but also dream in color smooshy and mad tosh. Oh wait, there’s also Lorna’s laces! Can you tell i have a SABLE of sock yarn?

  36. Hillary

    Like everyone else said.. choosing just one is difficult and I don’t know that I’ve knit two pairs out of the same yarn yet. There are so many out there! That being said, I just finished a pair of socks using Dyeabolical’s HardTwist BFL and love them. Though I also love the others I just finished in Bad Amy Splendid Sock. So maybe I can’t pick just one!

  37. Kristin

    I think my favorite sock yarn is whatever I’m working on at the moment…which right now is some Tofutsies with beautiful pinks and purples…

  38. Eleanor

    I had no idea that there are hard copies to be had of Sock Report! Yea! Haven’t done a whole lot of sock knitting yet, but I know there’s some STR on its way to my mailbox as we speak and I have a sneaking suspicion that will be my favorite!

  39. Tina W

    I haven’t knit socks yet, though I *may* have some sock yarn waiting to become my first pair. I mostly knit shawls, and have used some sock yarns for that. So far, I like MadelineTosh, but there are so many more that I’ve wanted to try!

  40. Jenny Raymond

    What a beautiful collection! I bet the hard copy is such eye candy and full of rich goodness. My fave sock yarn right now is a tie: Alisha Goes Around, Hazel Knits, and Anzula. It completely depends on my purpose. I can’t choose just one.

  41. Dana

    So… I think I’d have to say my own sock yarn. 😉 (unwindyarncompany.etsy.com) I love my Weekend and Journey bases, but I’m currently knitting with my Twinkle base and it’s lovely too. Plus: sparkle!
    As far as commercial yarns go, I love Colinette Jitterbug, Plymouth Sockotta (sadly discontinued I think), and KnitPicks Felici. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Chrissy Howard

    I just cannot pick between indie dyers. Too many awesome choices. My favorite commercial yarn so far has been Colinette JitterBug.


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