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I found myself without a book today. I finished book three (Eclipse) this morning, and I headed over to Chamblin’s after lunch to get the final book – Breaking Dawn. They. Did. Not. Have. It.
Apparently I’m some sort of junkie, so I freaked out a little bit. I had karate to sit through. 45 minutes of reading time that was interrupted only by random hi-yahs! So I regrouped. Most parents don’t sit through karate. Lots of kids go to aftercare afterwards, and some parents send their kids with karate bags, and don’t come to school until it’s over.

So I was better. I would run down to the anthill and go to BAM and get the last book. I just needed to drop off the boys’ karate bags and let them know.

But life was conspiring against me. I had forgotten my cell phone. And as any mother knows, running out for a decidedly selfish errand without a cell phone was the best way to insure that something would happen that they would need to call you. And how do you explain that? I was getting my insipid teenage vampire book fix? Nope.

Fortunately I had knitting with me. I had put my most recent design and it’s chart in my nifty new bag prototype. I am a woman who comes prepared for sitting and waiting. I am stay at home mom taxi driver. Hear me roar.

In the wonderful news department, the test drive for the bag went wonderfully. The reversible bag is sturdy enough to keep everything together, but not too big or stiff. Easy to throw in a purse or bag, and the drawstring ribbons that I chose stayed closed. The channel for the drawstrings is perfect. So that was good news.

In the not so wonderful news department, I’m not so sure about this sock. I think there is too much reverse stockinette. The cabled medallion I chose is pretty, but the actual sock is not floating my boat. What do you think?



  1. trillian42

    Personally, I like the cable. I think it’s pretty. And I like the cables up the sides, too.

  2. Melodie

    I really like the design and love that yarn color and weight…looks soft….keep going and see what you think.

  3. TrishTheDish

    I like it… BUT I think the toe should be reverse stockinette too.


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