The cake it bites?

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I’ve had an urge lately. The urge to bake. But I’m being healthy eating woman, and eating half a pan of lemon bars will not help me in my quest to reduce the size of my arse. And I spend way too much time alone to be trusted with baked goods. And not to brag, but I’m very good at the baked goods. Ask my friends. Are they wearing bigger jeans than they used to? Yeah, part of that is because of my baking.
Anyhow, I’ve been suppressing my urge to bake. It wasn’t that hard. It’s been pretty hot here – 90’s most days. And that is not conducive to baking. But then yesterday it started to rain. It’s still raining by the way. And it’s cold. No, really. It’s been in the 50’s and 60’s. This is Florida my friend. The Sunshine State. Where the orange blossoms grow. This is not a state where 60 in late May is anywhere near normal.

So I had to do it. I had to bake. Throw in the fact that the boys bridge over in Cub Scouts tomorrow to the next level and I’m supposed to bring cake?!?!?! What is a girl supposed to do with these overwhelming urges? And I’ve really been wanting to make cupcake bites ala Bakerella. So this morning, in the pouring rain, I hit one cake supply store, two craft stores, and three grocery stores and found the supplies I needed.


Note the yellow candy melts and the navy blue m&ms. These are Cub Scout colors. I was so excited. I just knew that a platter of these cupcake bites was gonna be the hit of the pack meeting. And may I present the finished product:


Um, yeah. Want another view?


I’m underwhelmed. Totally. First off these are very time-consuming. But I make mountains of buckeyes every Christmas. Time-consuming means nothing to me. That I could handle. But the dipping into the yellow? Ugh. And rada rada. When you hold the mini cupcakes by the chocolate base it starts to immediately melt in your fingers. Which makes it not so pretty. And the dipping by that method was much harder than buckeye dipping. I may have to attempt putting toothpicks or something into the base of the cupcake bites to dip them. Otherwise they will all look wonky like you see above.

So I fix the dip. And they probably need some sprinkles in addition to the blue m&m. It just looks kind of forlorn sitting there. But I can’t really solve the real problem.

The actual cake part of the cupcake bite is a mixture of crumbled cake and frosting mixed together and shaped into balls. Which sounds great in theory. But in practice the texture is rather um, disgusting to me. It’s mushy and dry at the same time. And I let the baked cake cool thoroughly, so I know that’s not the problem. I just feel like the mushy filling doesn’t have any tooth against the hard candy shells. I don’t know. I so wanted to love them. And I certainly dropped a pretty penny getting all the crap together. But I’m disappointed.


  1. trillian42

    Aw… I think it’s cute!
    When YarnKarma, her daughter and I made the Valentine’s Day ones, we played around with the frosting-to-cake-crumb ratio a little. Do you think you put too much frosting in? Ours were soft, but not mushy. Close to the interior of your average truffle.

  2. Sharon

    Can I pre-order buckeyes?! I will pay you!

  3. ruthee

    I LOVE them. And yes, dear readers – this woman can bake.


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