The case of the missing notebook.

by | Jul 19, 2005 | Uncategorized

Where is it? I saw it yesterday. It was sitting on the step stool. Course I did use the step stool after I saw it. This is all my fault. Cause I can’t master the housework. Therefore I lose things that I shouldn’t.

I’ve eaten 4 points of food today and I need to write it down dagnabbit.

In other news…. have you also lost the ability to write? I do so much of my “written” stuff on the computer that my penmanship now sucks. I just had to fill out the mountain of paperwork for my baby to go to kindergarten (sob, wail) and my hand is killing me. Seriously. And it all looks like chicken scratch.

I can’t believe I will now have two children in school. Where did the time go?


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