The dangers of cleaning continued…

by | Dec 1, 2008 | Uncategorized

I’m telling you what. When I clean, I find bad things. Tonight inspiration struck! I was in super crazy good design mode. I worked the cuff on the new sock and the transitions flow perfectly. So I wrote out the notes and the official pattern will be ready in no time. So then I think I will finish the washcloth so I can add the edging and write *that* pattern. But I can’t find it. Hmmm….
So then I say “Eureka!” Ok. Not really. But the sentiment was there.

Eureka! I will work on the man’s hat. It is cold. The man is bald. The hat must be made. So I pull out a stitch dictionary and the perfect manly cable jumps out at me. 15 stitches. 15 x 8 equals 120 sts. Perfect stitch count with cables for the man’s big head. Where is my size 8 addi circular that is 16 inches long?

ARRRRGGGHHHH! I can’t find it! And this is why…


I’ve been busy lately, and instead of putting things away, I’ve been kind of just setting things in front of the shelves. Not so good for finding things. Not so good at all. So I suck it up. I have to clean. I find the washcloth. I find some lovely Cashmerino aran that I am either making cabled slippers out of from the Holiday IK or some cabled footie socks of my own design. I find some very cute pieces of fabric that are already cut and ready to sew up as an apron.



And then I find some needles.


The one on the left is the missing size 8. The one on the right is the now unusable size 4 addi 40 inch long circular. I love me some 40 inch circulars. So now I am sad. But I realize I must finish cleaning the office. So I do.


And when all is said and done, guess what? No really, guess. Yeah, that’s right. I *lost* the size 8. Again. Did I put it away? Oh no. I thought I left it on the desk. Fortunately after 20 minutes of mad giggling (because at this point I’m losing it) I find it. Folded up in my stitch dictionary. Next to the perfect cable pattern. I’m gonna go cast on now. Ok?


  1. GirlMeetsNeedle

    Glad to see that I wasn’t the only one spending my Sunday cleaning up the hizz-ouse. 🙂
    It looks great! I know cleaning is a major pain the arse, but isn’t it so satisfying to sit in that sparkling clean area and take a deep breath knowing that you’re going to get a lung full of fragrant (and not funky) air?

  2. Brenda

    Don’t throw out that needle yet! I had a bent needle (ok, that sounds funny…yo needle, get bent!) and my hubby was able to straighten it out. It’s worth a try anyway, right? I remember that your husband is pretty handy, right? Put him to work on that needle. Good luck.


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