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For the 2014 Gift-A-Long we got random assignments of folks to interview and to promote on social media. Most of the folks assigned to me for twitter and pinterest and the like I didn’t know, but it was neat to see new-to-me designs. But for the interview I hit the jackpot.
Not only did I get someone with a lovely catalog of designs, it is someone I know personally and know is super awesome. Lucky me! Sooooo have you met Kris?



Kris is a gifted designer participating in the 2014 giftalong – check out her bundle of patterns. I’m also gonna sneak in some pictures of her giftalong patterns into this interview – click on the pic to go to the Rav page and use the code giftalong2014 for the 25% discount up until midnight EST this Friday, November 21st.



But without further adieu, let’s hear from the fabulous lady in question…


How long have you been knitting? Who taught ya?

I taught myself how to knit from a book during the summer of 2002. I had hopes of making a Harry Potter scarf for my son to wear to the movies when it was scheduled to be released later that year. I had the flaws of most muggles back then. Thinking it would be quick, easy and cheap. Oh, how wrong I was. Did I complete the scarf. Yes. My son was 7 at the time and was happy to wear this precious gift his mommy made him. I on the other hand, I didn’t fall in love with the knitting bug until I was pregnant with my daughter 2 years later. Make those little hats, booties and a blanket really captured my interest of turning string into a tangle, usable piece of love.


What got you started designing?

I started designing when I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I had a vision of what I wanted and decided that it really only took a little bit of measuring and math to get the finished object I wanted.



What is your favorite thing to design?

I love working with color, so stranded colorwork has a special place in my heart.


Knit design thing you’re most proud of?

A really proud moment was seeing the acceptance letter from Twist Collective. I sent a design on a whim. I really wasn’t expecting to get in. It was at that moment that I knew I had to up my game. Make a go of it, strive to put out what I loved in hopes that others loved it too.


What is your quest?

The Holy Grail for me is to finally make it to Rhinebeck. (fingers-crossed for 2015)



What is your favorite, bury me in a bathtub full of it yarn?

Oh bring on the Qiviut and Cashmere… but really to be honest, one of my favorite yarns is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. I don’t know if it’s just been the combination of patterns with yarn, but I’ve loved working with it and have cherished the projects made with it.


Favorite fiber animal?

Alpaca. Love it.


What is your go-to knitting viewing? (TV or Movie, current or all-time fave)

Where to even begin? I love both TV and Movie and think they all have there place in my knitting world. If I need to concentrate on a design, then I put on some classic movies: Princes Bride, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, The Stand or my fave, The NeverEnding Story. If it’s TV stuff, then I usually find myself binge watching shows like Fringe, Haven and IT Crowd…and how can you not fit in some Knitting Podcast like The Knit Girllls and The Fat Squirrel Speaks.



What is your opinion on dangly stitch markers?

My go to stitch marker are jump rings because you can get bag of 200 for a couple of bucks, because if you’re like me you’re loosing them. All. The. Time. I do like a few fancier stitch markers to mark the beginning, but in general I think they weigh too much and tangle with the fabric.


Continental or thrower? Cable needle or let your cable stitches fly free?

I’m a thrower. I also choose to go cable needle free…especially after loosing so many of them. I remember fondly a road trip in Florida with my parents. Back and forth across the state and me working on my Fulmar sweater. It was sport weight yarn worked up on a US size 2 needle. Yeah, good-bye cable needle!


If you were suddenly filthy stinking rich, where would you pick up and move to?

Besides opening my own stash store…umm, I mean Yarn Store 😉 Travel. Travel. And more Travel. My husband and I are huge castle fans. To go exploring the castles of the world would be fantastic.


Best knitting needles ever?

Signature needles are pretty awesome. I was a little disappointed that they don’t offer the fixed needles anymore. Addies Lace needles are runner ups and my every day, pick up what ever I can is ChiaoGoo.


What do you do on a stormy day when you have nowhere to be and no must-dos?

Those are Pajama Days! I try to spin on days like that. It puts me into a very comfy zen-like-zone.


See? I told you she was awesome. So head on over to Ravelry and check out Kris’s bundle of wonderful designs for this year’s giftalong and don’t forget you can use any of her paid patterns to enter the knit-a-longs for chances at super prizes (some of which yours truly contributed!). Keep on stitching gift-a-longers!


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