The Hard Way

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Sometimes I severely overestimate myself. Like the time I had a 75% finished shawlette and I thought I could take it to TNNA and on vacation and actually finish it and write the pattern and send it to the editor and publish it by July 1st… Oh wait. That just happened.

If you try to knit in the Hyatt Lounge at TNNA you might have way too many lemonade & sweet tea vodka drinks and have to pull out all your progress. Likewise for knitting while trying to help your poor husband navigate to three different sets of various grandparents in the Midwest.

And you might think e-mailing all the files you need to your little computer will allow you to write the pattern. Well it would. If you had made sure the little computer had all the same software as the big computer.


So lucky you – we’re doing a pre-order sale. Yeats is the first of the Seven Sonnets and you can buy it two ways. You can buy the individual pattern for only $3. Or you can pre-order the whole collection for only $15.95. The Seven Sonnets is going to be much like the Seven Songs. Seven shawls/shawlettes, all worked up in different construction methods, using one skein of heavy lace or fingering weight yarn.


Yeats is worked up in a gorgeous fiber I’ve never worked with before – soy. Soy Beautiful yarn is hand-dyed by Our Humble Castle and it reminds me a lot of silk. It has a gorgeous sheen and it had the added benefit of blocking easily with a steam iron. Yeah – I thought I could block a shawlette in a hotel room with no supplies. I really was not thinking ahead.


But my insane lack of foresight is your gain. You can pre-order the pattern (or the collection) and the first pattern will be available to you on Monday, July 9th. And I’ll have more details about the collection and this lovely pattern then! And just to sweeten the deal, Our Humble Castle is offering a special deal on the Soy Beautiful yarn – use the code “soy15” for 15% off!


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