The innocent beginning….

by | Mar 14, 2005 | Uncategorized

It started innocently enough. I mentioned to the man that I wanted to learn to knit. So for Christmas he bought me one of those kits – “I taught myself how to knit” along with a ball of yarn. Um, it was *not* easy. I made knotted chains of cast-on, and holey swatches that my sons used for “rock blankets”. I was frustrated. And then one night I entered Michael’s. And they were having a class the very next evening. Only $15. So I went. And the wonderful lady showed me what I was doing wrong, and made it all make sense. Like magic, even. I bought some fluffy acrylic baby yarn to make a blanket.

I worked on the blanket, but it was kind of boring. But ok still, and strangely addictive. And one fine Saturday morning as I sat in the uncomfortable chairs at the fat farm (Weight Watchers) I saw an older lady knitting a gorgeous scarf. Do you think they make the chairs uncomfy to encourage us to have smaller butts? And I wonder if I could sell a knitting diet. If you get addicted to knitting, you can’t eat *while* you knit. You’d lose tons of weight if you got good and addicted like me. Anyhow, I chatted her up and found out there was a knitting store less than a mile from my place.

My first trip to the knitting store I only spent $42. I bought a lantern moon basket to hold my yarns, and some novelty yarn to make a scarf, and some miscellaneous odds and ends.

Later I finished my blanket. And a matching hat. And then I began my project for me – Meema’s Felted Marsupial Tote from Stitch ‘n Bitch. I bought the yarn for that this past Friday afternoon. Including the needles, and a book I wanted, I spent $68. I had to frog it twice. Not little frogs, big four inches of sides worked in the round frogs. But last night I finished the main work on the purse. This morning I will make the pouch and felt it. And post pictures. Look for lots of pictures.

I have about 27 projects that I need to choose from for my next knit. And is not helping me. It just gives me more ideas. More and more. But I will *not* buy any more knitting books for a while – I have SnB, and Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation, and Knitting for Kids. Oh man. I tell you what.


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