The knitters are coming, the knitters are coming!

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Today we begin knitting the Daphne Ann Mystery Shawl. I’ve already answered a couple of questions and put a little graphic out for a portion that is a bit fiddly. And I’m unreasonably excited. The fact that folks are choosing to knit something sight unseen that I’ve designed makes me feel very happy and very proud.
The one thing I did not think of was a cut-off.  Having never done this before, I’m not sure it will be feasible to still be helping on clue one when the rest of the folks are on clue four or whatever. Although I don’t think that much help will be needed. Hmm… I think I will cut things off just to be safe. The mystery knitters will knit along together for the next five weeks and then afterward I will release the pattern in it’s entirety. So… if you want to get in on the group-thing, you need to do it soon. I’m going to sell the mystery knit until Wednesday, August 18th. And then it will go away until after the knit-along is completed.

So buy now, or be prepared to be patient!


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  1. Brenda

    Corrina…I’m really enjoying the first clue. It’s so fun to watch the pattern grow, not knowing what will happen next. I’m bringing it to knitting tomorrow to show off (hoping to finish it tonight). Thanks so much!


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