the long ugly weekend…

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The weekend did not start out well. There was the scary green poop episode in the tub courtesy of my 2yo nephew on Friday. On Saturday we headed out to the blueberry festival in small town bfe. Apparently it ended at 4pm. We arrived at 3:50 pm. Not good. That night was capped off by the pineapple puke party provided by my 5yo son.

My poor husband ended up having to clean up both messes by virtue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Which is why I did not complain as I sat in the pukey smelling jeep at 9pm on Saturday night with the boys while my husband perused the liquor store for the perfect bottle of Scotch. He deserved some Scotch. Besides, it was rolling around to Father’s Day.

I did get a surprising amount of housework done though. The man washed all the laundry and I got it all put up. So today I can knit. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on Mariposa. I’m about half done with the left back panel. And after that I just have to make the straps and do the seaming and blocking. So yay.

I’m not sure what my next project will be. I need to finish my clapotis and the man socks. But I don’t think sitcom chic is gonna make it. I must have not bought enough balls of yarn, and I’m thinking a shorter, lighter, lacier cardigan type jacket will be more appropriate around here.

And then we have the twelve balls of knitpicks shine twist. And since we’ve clearly established that Soleil is *not* an option, I’m not sure what to do with it. If you have any ideas, I’d surely appreciate them.

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  1. Jessica

    Welp I’ve got no ideas for the yarn but I must say, Mariposa is coming along beautifully. That’s such a pretty word too…Butterfly.

    I hope the sick kiddies are feeling better. 😀


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