The Magic of Coworking

by | Mar 31, 2022 | business, knitdesign

As 2021 was coming to a close, I knew something had to give. I had just spent years in a fog and really had nothing to show for it except for a pile of finished knitted samples for new patterns. Like I know I had done other things during the past few years, but there wasn’t any evidence of it. At all.



 What I really wanted was a virtual coworking space. A place where I could see friendly creative faces and we could get shit done. Together. And I actually had joined an amazing accountability group and learned so much, but I needed that regularly scheduled time to actually work the plan. 

But what I wanted didn’t seem to exist. I found a few online coworking setups, but either their hours were awful for me (and I have a lot of flexibility so that’s saying a lot), or they seemed kind of defunct, or they had very icky dude-bro vibes. I surely don’t need any extra dude bro energy in my life. Just no.



I started small. I invited my friend and amazing knit designer Jen Lucas to work with me a few hours a week. And we both immediately found out how awesome it was for our productivity. I was hooked. Gimme more! So we added yarn designers Rebecca Velasquez and Angela Tong. More people! More fun! More work getting done believe it or not! And then Robbie Young Murphey from my High Vibe Cowork accountability group started coming too and it was like a room full of awesome creativity energy and I was HERE for it.



Which brings us to now. I have everything set up to have an actual virtual coworking membership. Like there is an online portal with resources and helpful videos, and a coworking calendar with zooming links. And we are going to have weekly planning/check-in meetings. I have done the thing. But now, I have to do the scary part and share the thing with you.


I know how amazing coworking is for me and my business. And for the amazing folks who have been so helpful at setting this up and getting started and I could not have done this without them. But I also know that coworking could be amazing for YOU!



So here’s what I’m doing. I’m doing free coworking on Fridays to allow folks to experience the magic that is coworking. Do you want to give it a try? We will be coworking on Friday mornings from 10am-Noon EST starting on Friday, April 1st – no joke! Click here to save your spot! And if you find out that coworking is as awesome for you as it is for us – there will be an opportunity to become a member and use coworking to really do the things. Because doing the things is what moves our business forward, and we can’t keep sitting still.


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