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I guess you could say I’m *this* close to being disqualified. Six days have been marked off of the Olympic Knitting Calendar. And I’ve only knit about 25% of my Sitcom Chic. I didn’t take another picture, because quite honestly folks, there’s nothing to see. Why didn’t anyone tell me that knitting Sitcom Chic would be mind-numbingly boring??? I mean the sweater is a cutie. That’s for sure. But the knitting itself is snooze-a-rama as only miles of stockinette could be. I can’t even bring myself to think about the sleeves.

To make matters worse, the TV is conspiring against me. I thought that if there was interesting stuff on, I could knit through the boredom. But no…. Gilmore Girls was inspid this week *yawn* and then Supernatural and Lost did a double whammy on me. They had lots of grossness. (Gross is relative I know. It was gross to me.) So I had to close my eyes a lot. And while I can knit without looking, for some reason closing my eyes totally throws me off. Why? Who knows.

But I have done some very good knitterly things. Oh yes. The fifth FO of 2006, first in all it’s glory blocking…

And then hanging out on the bed. Because yes I wore it today, but no, I am not showing you the oh so popular shawl shot. You know the one. Where they hold it up behind them with arms spread wide and someone takes a picture of their ass. You do not wanna see a picture of my ass. We are in the process of reducing said ass and we do not really need to see it to know that it is big.

The true color is somewhere in between the blocking “natural light” shot and the boudoir (flash) shot.

Project: Leaf Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark (Fibertrends)
Yarn: Zephyr Jaegerspun, two 2 oz. cakes, 630 yards each, held doubled
Needles: Size 7 Crystal Palace circs, 32 or 35 inches
Notes: The zephyr is to die for. Except for the fricking, fracking knots. I literally screamed out loud (once in the yarn store) when I found the last two. It really pissed me off that there were so many (at least 7) knots in the one cake. The CP needles though worked like a charm. Much better than the addis I’ve been attempting to use for lace. I did 12 repeats of rows 31-40. When all was said and done I only had 6g (out of about 112g) of the yarn leftover.

Please don’t tell the knitting police about my Olympic failure so far. And Beth, to make matters worse, I’m giving serious though to finally finishing Rogue by adding the zipper and attaching the sleeves. I’m hopeless.


  1. lidabit

    beautiful shawl!! well done!

    25% done? You’ve got to be ahead of me, I’m still in the middle of the waist increases! You can do it!

  2. candsmom

    GORGEOUS, gorgeous lace leaf shawl!! It’s so beautiful!! I recently ordered the FBS pattern, but I was really torn between that and the lace leaf pattern. I think I may need to go back and order lace leaf- yours is so pretty! Fantastic job.

  3. jessie

    Gorgeous shawl!

    As for the boring knitting, I’m in the same boat. But I can’t help thinking it’s better to be bored with easy knitting (on a deadline) than to be reading inscrutable charts for hours and only making an inch progress.

    (Since I’ve already screwed up plain stockinette twice on my sweater, I should probably just shut up.)

  4. mamma

    That is one seriously beautiful shawl. I’ve lusted after your zephyr for so long I ended up buying a cone on ebay.

    Lost was seriously gross last night. But I’m kinda mad at Jack, didn’t he come off as a big wuss?

  5. Pyewacket

    That is a lovely pattern. Brava!

  6. Jennifer

    Lovely shawl! Gorgeous.

    Hey, you knit what you want! Who cares about the Knitting Olympics if you’re finishing such lovely projects as that shawl?

  7. Karyn


  8. Areli

    Beautiful shawl. I just bought the pattern to make one of these and yours is quite inspiring. I think I want to make mine in zephyr, too.

  9. Jerry & Maxy

    Schnikes, that’s stunning !!! Such a beautiful job…those knots sound like h*ll though.

  10. Dietchgirl

    Your shawl is beautiful!

    I know what you mean about Sitcom Chic being a boring knit. I’m working on the sleeves and the only thing that keeps me going is that it’s mindless enough to knit during my commute to/from work.

  11. Beth

    If you’ve gotta be disqualified for something – major FOs are the way to go. That’s an amazing shawl.

    And you know I’d love to see Rogue done… 😉

  12. turtlegirl76

    Oh wow. I must knit that. Between you and monkeemaven, I’m now lusting after a shawl. And I’ve never thought of shawls before I started knitting. It’s beautiful, simply beautiful.

    And when I do make mine, you won’t see my ass either. I don’t have anyone to take the pic of me wearing it anyway, unless I master the freakin’ timer on my camera.

  13. Tammy

    Beautiful!!! Gorgeous!!!! Pure eye candy!!!!

    I am finishing up the Flower Basket Shawl for the Knitting Olympics and I already have the pattern for the Lace Leaf Shawl, so after seeing how wonderful yours turned out, I may just have to knit that one next.


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