The perfect sock?

by | Nov 21, 2005 | Uncategorized

Does it look like this? Well, actually no. This sock is not perfect. But I do love it so. I did a diamond heel on it. Actually I had to frog the heel because I knit in the dark at the imax and screwed it all up on a field trip on Friday. But I have a perfect diamond heel now. And I’m working on the decreases. And it still fits.

I’m ashamed to admit I picked up another ball of sockotta on Friday night. It’s a purple jacquard effect color. But I didn’t pay for the ball of sockotta. (Oh my goodness. Of course I didn’t steal it!) My sister bought it for me. Along with the holiday vogue, which I have yet to peruse. And three balls of Cascade Bollicine Baby Night. Damn, this stuff is soft. It’s 100% new wool merino, but I swear it feels like it has some cashmere in it. She picked up a pale blue, a sky blue and a navy. 95 yards each. And now I have to make a PJ hat out of it. She like the Jayne Cobb hat she saw in the store. She definitely wants ear flaps. But this yarn is so yummy, it has to be the perfect pattern.

I worked on my rogue hood tonight. Jeepers that hood is gonna take forever. I may have to forgo the perfect sock for awhile and just work on rogue. It has been cool enough to wear it for the last couple of evenings and I had to wear other less worthy items of clothing. Yes, I looked cute in my purple corduroy jacket at Harry Potter last night, but I would have looked a lot cuter in my rogue. I’m just saying.


  1. Peatbogfaery

    Diamond sock heel??

  2. rincaro

    Instead of a straight slipped stitch pattern you stagger it.

    1: *slip 1, knit 1*, repeat to end.
    2. slip 1, purl to end.
    3. slip 1, knit 2, *slip 1, knit 1* til one stitch remaining. Knit last stitch.
    4. repeat row 2.

    this makes a diamond looking effect on the heel instead of the straight lines of a normal slip stitch heel.

  3. Deb

    Rincaro, you are a hoot and your sock looks great.

  4. Jennifer

    The sock looks gorgeous!!!


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