The Pride of Mt. Washmore

by | May 30, 2009 | Uncategorized

The boys had their last day of school yesterday. They had Mass, and then awards. Both of my boys got honor roll for the quarter, and A/B honor roll for the entire year. Here they are getting their pictures taken for the yearbook. My 3rd grader is the top left guy with the dark wavy hair. (Where did he get wavy hair? Mine is as straight as can be!)


My fourth grader is the light-haired boy in the back row. Yeah, he actually favors my sister more than me. She has that odd not brown/not blond hair.


We had a very busy week, so I just now got around to tackling the laundry. I opened the laundry closet to this. You can hardly see it, but there is a hamper under all that mess. It’s made of dark wicker. Normally that hamper gets full, I do three loads of laundry and I’m done. I’ve *never* seen it this bad. Horrible.


So this is what I’ll be doing all day. That and preparing some last minute design submissions. Have a happy Saturday.


  1. ruthee

    So proud….I love those boys. Especially the nice one who Zoe punched. *wink*

  2. Batty

    No wonder you’re proud, that’s fabulous! And that laundry pile looks familiar. Except it was mine and my roommates, and we were both in college at the time. It’s amazing how it grows.


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