The Robie Tank

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Sometimes you get a call for submissions from a knitting magazine and you actually have just the perfect thing to send in. The Robie Tank was one of those instances. So I swatched it up, and then was sent some perfect yarn – Solemate from Lorna’s Laces. I’ve loved Lorna’s Laces pretty much as long as I’ve been knitting, but the Solemate (and it’s sport-weight sister Sportmate) is like the perfect warm weather yarn. I used the Sportmate in my book Warm Days, Cool Knits, so working with the Solemate was a no brainer.


The magic of the Robie Tank is in the choice of yarns. You pick one crazy yarn and one solid or neutral. And as far as the crazy yarn, the crazier the better. The Hawthorne colorway of Solemate has like all the colors. You could even choose one of those colors that we knitters affectionately refer to as “clown barf”. But the natural yarn I used for the solid breaks up any pooling and turns the multi-colored yarn into something that looks actually planned!


Robie is worked from the bottom up – starting with a lace border worked sideways. Then you pick up stitches and work a striped slip-stitch pattern in the two colors. The sweet thing about the Robie Tank is that because it’s slip-stitch colorwork you are only working with one color at a time. Add in some waist shaping and you’ve got the making for a shapely, flattering tank.


To finish it off, you work some simple picot edgings around the neckline and armholes. It echoes the bottom lace edging and turns the geometric slip stitch patterned top into something downright girly. The strong lines of the slip stitch give it almost a corset kind of feel. So pick yourself a crazy color and a coordinating solid and make yourself something lovely.

The Robie Tank is available in the Spring 2016 issue of Knitscene Magazine. All pictures are copyright Knitscene / Good Folk Photography.


  1. Carolyn

    I love this tank. Beautiful design! Great yarn!

  2. Ingrid Wootton

    I have just finished knitting this top and am up to the neck and armhole edgings. The top so far looks fabulous but I am having difficulty understanding your instructions for the edging. I got the pattern from Knitscene Spring 2015, but the instructions for the edging don’t seem to make sense. I was wondering if you could email you instructions for the edging, with what you mean by CO (Cast on) two stitches BO 5 (bask off 5 sts) is all it says. what happens to all the stitches that were cast on.

    • Corrina

      Those are the complete instructions for the edging. It is a picot bind-off. What happens is you CO 2 (that makes the little point) and then you BO 5 (that binds off the 2 sts you cast-on, plus 3 more sts of the neckline). You do this around the entire neckline, making those nice little picots and binding off all the live neckline stitches.
      The same thing is done for the armholes.


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