The Seven Sheep

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Strangely enough, even though I was born on the seventh day of the seventh month, I don’t consider seven my lucky number. But my e-books seems to like to come together in sets of seven. Seven Sonnets, Seven Songs, Sideways Shawlettes, and even the Baroque Blossoms collection. So when I thought of doing another set of seven I immediately thought of sheep. Seven Sheep! But would be there enough unique sheep breed names to cover all my pattern naming needs? Do a quick google search. Go ahead. I’ll wait.  For being so involved in the yarny world, I had no idea how many types of sheep there are in the world. It’s insane!
But for this collection I wanted to do a little something more. Something extra. And then it came to me in a mad rush. What better yarn for a collection called the Seven Sheep than Baah?!?!?!? I’ve been using Baah a lot lately and I love it. The colors, the squishiness. It just all fit. Seven Sheep all worked up in Baah yarn. It was like kismet!

But then I wanted a sheep. My very own cute little sheep to use for the cover of this e-book. The nice thing about being in this business is you get to know amazing talented people. Like Heather Zoppetti. She’s my wholesale distributor, she puts up with my crazy, AND she’s an accomplished graphic artist.

Look at this:




Could it be any cuter? Well yes. We can fill it up with some Baah goodness.




And this is the yarn for the first of the Seven Sheep.  Two skeins of La Jolla in in the Burmese Ruby colorway. The richest, truest, best blue-red I have ever seen. And I am a big red person. Red and turquoise have regular fisticuffs to see who is my favorite, but this red might push me over the edge in red’s favor!


This gorgeous yarn will become Sardinian, the first of the Seven Sheep. It will be released May 25th and is currently only available for pre-order. You can pre-order the pattern for $4.50 or you can pre-order the entire collection for $16.95. The Seven Sheep will include seven shawl and shawlette patterns. Some of them will be one skein, some two-skein. At least one will be two-color – just wait til you see that one!  But all of them will be in my new favorite yarn – Baah!


The same basic set-up for the e-book will apply. Shawls will be released once per month. I’ve set my release date as no later than the 25th of the month. This month’s will come out on 5/25 and June’s will be released on 6/21 to coincide with its debut at TNNA!

So head on over to Ravelry to pre-order Sardinian or to pre-order the entire Seven Sheep collection and come on this new adventure with me! The price of the full collection will go up to the standard $21.95 once the first pattern has been released, but is available until the 25th for $16.95. And head on over to the Baah! site to see where you can buy yarn for these projects. (Psst! If you’re local A Stitch In Time carries Baah!)

Sardinian is available for $4.50 USD for pre-order only

The Seven Sheep can be pre-ordered for $16.95 USD


  1. Annika

    Your birthday is the day after mine!

  2. Patti

    beautiful pattern and you’re right about that RED — its drop dead gorgeous. It might make me break my yarn and pattern diet!

  3. Tessa LeBaron

    Do your shawls require a crochet bind off?


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