The trees fight back!

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I’ve seen my fair share of rain living in Florida for over four years. But this is definitely at or near the top of the list. The rain just keeps coming and coming. Apparently down south they are getting upwards of 30 inches. Fortunately we are not in flood zone. Oh and there is wind too. Remember the huge oak trees in the front yard? We moved the cars out of the circle drive in the front to the long drive on the side to avoid getting demolished by dropping tree branches. My car is fine. Remember when the jeep pulled a tree out of the ground? Well, the jeep is strong, so it’s fine too, but still…


Yep, a small-ish tree in the neighbor’s yard split in half and landed on the front of the jeep.


The boys woke up this morning and instead of seeing driveway and jeep, all they saw was tree!


In other news, storms like this are very good for getting knitting done. When the power (and the internet) goes down, the boys play boardgames and wrestle and I knit!


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  1. Jerry

    JaxRIley says: LOL! Sorry-not on plurk hahah. Two years ago there was a storm that swept through and I found an old apple tree had broken off (this sucker was BIG) and was pushed right against the back of the house. The tree was obviously termite infested or something to break off at the trunk like that but it was creepy…seeing the top of the tree facing the window while the rain and wind ravged on.


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