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There are of course a lot of advantages to working in a yarn shop. You get to touch/feel/smell/fondle all the new yarn as you place it on the shelf. You get to help people have “aha” moments with their knitting. And sometimes, on a quiet morning, if you’re all by yourself, you can have a pretty zen moment – just you and mountains of yarn. It might be the yarn fumes.
But let’s be serious. Everybody has a main reason they have a j-o-b. Unfortunately most of those reasons are annoying things like paying the electric bill. I am truly blessed because I work at the yarn store for one main reason. To keep myself in yarn. I stay at home, and we do a lot of serious budgeting to make that possible. Don’t even ask about my coupons or my stockpile. So the few days at a month I work at the store, it is to make sure I don’t run out of yarn. And if the boss goes out of town and I get some extra days in…



Are you wondering what I am going to make with all this beautiful yarn? Well the jitterbug is for socks. Because jitterbug is love. And the basket is for yarn of course. More yarn means I need more baskets. I also need some of those handy magazine holders, but I digress.

I’m linking to ravelry for the patterns, because if you’re not on there, you should be. And there’s no reason not to be, considering the fact that it’s free, and the wait time is less than a day to get an invite. Also, even if you don’t want to upload a single project of your own, and you’ll never go to the amazing forums, you really need to be on ravelry for the yarn and pattern database. It is a thing of beauty. PSA over.

The light blue Lana Grossa Royal Tweed is for another Textured Tunic by Stefanie Japel. I made one for a shop sample, but I want one for me.

The black cotton fleece is for a 3/4 sleeve version of my Bonny Cardigan. That way I can add the 3/4 sleeve instructions before I put the pattern up for sale.

The pink calmer is for the Flyaway Cardigan by Jillian Moreno (of Big Girl & More Big Girl Knits fame).

And while I think I’m getting to the point where I could actually put my stash in a big pile on my office floor and roll around in it, I really have to get back to the lace world. Someone crack the whip please.

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  1. Batty

    Uh, yeah. That’s what would happen if I ever worked at a yarn store. It would probably happen every day.That’s a really nice haul!


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