Thursday Thirty

by | Sep 13, 2012 | knitting

All of the sudden tons of people I know seem to be turning 30. Having recently turned 40, 30 seems, well ages ago. Ten years. What has changed in ten years?

See those adorable little monsters? Well the blonde one is now just shy of 6 feet tall. Which is taller than me! And my dark haired baby is 5’5″ – taller than all the grandmas and creeping up on me fast. My baby will be a teenager in 8 days. It all just goes way too fast!

For me personally, I’m not quite as cute as I used to be, but I’m infinitely happier. I have my own little business that I work from home, I get to volunteer and be overly involved in my boys’ lives. And I have a husband that adores me and does stuff like build me a humongous desk in the middle of the night – pics of that later!

What’s the point of all of this introspection? I don’t know. But hey, let’s have a sale! 30% off any PicnicKnits patterns or e-books! That means you can get individual patterns for $4.20 and the Seven Sonnets or the Seven Songs for $15.37!!! For the Seven Sonnets – which only has 3 patterns released that’s like paying $5.12 for each pattern and then having 4 more patterns coming for free! It’s a very good time to buy!

Check out my complete pattern store on Ravelry and use the code “thirty” for 30% off!


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