Time is not on my side

by | Mar 22, 2012 | Uncategorized

The new shawlette/scarflette is like one episode of a favorite TV show from done. All that’s left after that is the pattern writing and the blocking. I’m really pleased with how the chevron concept came together.

But now suddenly Carnival weekend is upon us. Carnival weekend being the weekend where our church throws their annual spring Carnival and all good volunteers basically move in at the church for a weekend and let their children run rampant on the midway. Thankfully my children are old enough to run rampant on the midway! But it might be a bit quiet around here until Monday. But hopefully somewhere in the midst of all the crazy I can get this pattern together.

Oh and if you’re local come and see me at the carnival! The desserts in Sister Regina’s Irish Tea Room are to die for!


  1. Triona

    YUM. Love that chevron pattern and the colors–makes me want to run to the yarn cabinet and pull out some variegated yarn, lol.

  2. Marie

    I love chevron patterns – the shawlette looks really cute 🙂 I just knitted your Snappy Hat yesterday evening and really enjoyed it – thanks for the great (free!) pattern 🙂


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