Tips 4 Designers – Trade Show Etiquette

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

Are you thinking about attending your first TNNA trade show this year in Columbus? I’ve been going for a while and now I exhibit at the shows – you can see my little corner of the Stitch Sprouts world on the right below. But when I first went I had no idea what to expect!

Today on the Stitch Sprouts blog I’m talking about Trade Show Etiquette. If you are going to an industry trade show such as the TNNA show in late May you don’t want to be that designer. You know that one. The one that the other companies and designers talk about and use as a cautionary tale.  So read up on my etiquette tips over at the Stitch Sprouts blog and check out all of my Tips For Designers.


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