TNNA Countdown – 10

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Ten days. Oh my goodness. So much to do in ten days, not the least of which is to prep my menfolk to take care of themselves for 6 days. I think I spoil them too much. I’m thinking if I do frozen crockpot meals that might help. Who am I kidding? They will visit every restaurant within a 10-mile radius!
There’s way too much to show you before TNNA, but there will be two more patterns coming out before the show floor opens on Saturday morning. The second of the Seven Sheep will be released on Friday, June 21st. If you will be at TNNA you can buy a kit with the pattern and a skein of scrumptious Baah! La Jolla to work it up at Sample It. Here’s a sneak peek:


As much as TNNA is a very important business trip for me, it’s also a mini vacation. It’s the only time I get to spend with adult peers. It’s so amazing to meet designing and yarnie folks in real life – so much of my business is conducted virtually. So as usual, I’m having a sale to raise some fun money.

We’ll start off  with 25% off any e-book – including the Seven Sheep. Use the code “TNNA-ten” in your Ravelry cart to get the discount.




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