TNNA Countdown – 2

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Uncategorized

I think the real miracle here is that I’ve blogged for so many days in a row. As I settle in with only tomorrow left not everything is getting done that I wanted to have done. Of course. But it’s a good lesson in expectations and the fact that as the Rework book people say – “Your estimates suck.” Everything takes longer than you expect it to. And well I think we’ll leave it at that.
I have had some amazing sample knitters helping me out. And I’ve learned a lot about managing that whole process. Look at this beauty that a sample knitter hand delivered to me last night!


And I actually will be publishing that pattern before I leave on Thursday. Plus the second of the Seven Sheep will be released on Friday. So there you go. All the coupon codes are still good if you want to use them. Right now I’m packing my stuff and doing last minute business stuff for displaying in the Stitch Sprouts booths. So very excited to be going, but all the things to do and the hours are ticking away. Yep, my estimates suck!


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