TNNA Countdown – 6

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So much to do in such a short time span. One of these days I will be much better at scheduling my time and life will be easy and well organized. Yeah, that’s worth a good laugh. I think I was born disorganized. But it will be ok. Life is life and the must-dos will get done and the rest wasn’t that important to begin with!
Today I’m doing a build your own e-book promotion using the code “TNNA-six”. You get to pick 7 individual patterns for $21. And you get to choose the PicnicKnits patterns that go in your book. What would your ideal combination look like? What are your favorites? What kind of collection would you put together?

When I do my e-books I tend to make sure each shawlette has a slightly different construction. Well except for Sideways Shawlettes of course. That’s all about the sideways. And that’s still 25% off with the code “TNNA-ten” by the way.

But I’ve learned that I really like variety. And I prefer each next project to be something different, something to keep me interested. And  also I think different stitch patterns and yarns look best in certain types of configurations. I’m actually getting pretty good at grabbing a yarn and quickly putting something pretty together. It used to take me ages!


So use the code “TNNA-six” and make your own e-book! And also I have a bunch of new projects in the works, including the Seven Sheep. What kinds of construction and stitch patterning are your favorites?

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  1. Katinka

    I’m actually pretty amazed at your publication rate — it would take me eons to develop lace patterns that complex! Which is why I leave it to the professionals. 🙂


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