TNNA Countdown – 8

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So I’m whipping up a last shawl for TNNA – the final of my many projects I’ve worked on this spring. I was blessed that I came away from the Long Beach TNNA show with lots of yarn in hand for new projects. But I also had ongoing commitments and publications that I had acceptances for as well. So it made for a super busy spring.
But I thought I would walk you through the design process on this one. For me when I’m doing self-published designs it almost always starts with the yarn. This is a laceweight wool/silk blend from yarnundyed that Aurora Yarns has dyed up in a beautiful burnt sienna kind of color. That used to be my favorite crayon by the way. Forgive the random sidenotes – I’m sleep deprived!


And I knew the basic shape I wanted on this one – I call it heart shaped, but it’s not really heart shaped. It’s more a wide triangle shape that curves on the top edges. By increasing an average of 6 sts on each RS row you get a very wearable shape, whether its in a smaller shawlette like Wendell Holmes or something grand like Natessa.

I have a lot of stitch dictionaries. I’m hoping to spend some time at Unicorn Books this TNNA and order some more. But I spent some time with my piles of books and found some lovely stitch patterns and an edging and got to work.


A good portion of the body will be stockinette, but I love the look of these double yarnovers stacked on top of each other. These little petals will be echoed in the edging as well.


Today will be a day of much knitting. Lots of progress needs to be made to get this shawl done and blocked in time for the TNNA show floor. In a day or two I’ll show you more!

As for the specials – the two previous specials are still valid – “TNNA-ten” will get you 25% off any PicnicKnits e-book and “TNNA-nine” will get you half price on Brindille or Sarla.


  1. Holly Priestley

    What a beautiful detail! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the shawl works up, that is a fantastic, exciting start 🙂

  2. Brenda

    The new creation looks adorable so far! Can’t wait to see more revealed soon! Now back to the edging on Sardinia (about 2/3 done so I should be mailing soon!). 😀

  3. Jackie

    Really really pretty Corrina!


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