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by | Aug 22, 2005 | Uncategorized

…is exercise. I dragged my lumpy butt out of bed this morning at 6am, fell asleep twice on the toilet, fell asleep once while tying my shoes, but then I did it. I went for a walk and sweated a lot. The first few minutes of the walk were uneventful as I went over diet and exercise plans in my head. But then I picked up a dog. Well, not literally. But a dog started to follow me. He looks like some sort of siberian/german shepherd mix. Trust me, I would not want that fur in this heat. He had a collar and I think a tag. But having been attacked by a similiar dog when I was about five, I was not gonna put my hand near his mouth to check his neckwear.

Actually he didn’t really bother me. Just padded along a few sidewalk blocks behind me. But then I had to cross back across the very busy four lane road. And I didn’t want the dog to get squished. So it took a very long time to cross the street. And now I’m sitting here trying to get rehydrated and feeling rather badly that I didn’t check the collar. Ugh.

In knitting news I thought I was gonna finish the one skein wonder last night while watching “A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” for the umpteenth time. Why would I watch such a bad movie umpteen times? Cause it was me and the man’s first date movie and he sometimes gets all nostalgic-like. Anyhow, the back was the right size, but the sleeves turned out to be way, way, too small. I guess I will have to do some creative increasing to figure this out.


  1. mamma

    Just wanted to say Hi. I haven’t been around. I think it’s sweet that your hubby wants to watch your first date movie. That’s lasing love, it makes me smile. Your chickcami is amazing. Its seeing things like that that keep me knitting. It makes me want one, and can I have a nice curvy figure to fill it out when I’m done? (being flat chested has no advantages). I’ve ordered patterns from white lies designs before and they did seem to take FOREVER to come. But when I got them they were good patterns. I’ve only knit one of the four patterns we ordered. But the pattern I made was flawless. It might be worth the aggrivation to go ahead and order the pattern.

  2. Jennifer

    Good for you for getting out there and getting some exercise! I’m sure you’ll figure out the OSW.

  3. Diana

    I’ve been walking now for 6 weeks and I’ve started listening to books on tape. My 30 minute walk flies by when listening to a good story.


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