Totally Turquoise

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Uncategorized

I have good intentions of blogging more often. I even write blog posts in my head with pictures I intend to take and everything. But this I need to show you:

It’s this gorgeous turquoise yarn from the Unwind Yarn Company. The color is perfection. And one of these days they will have internet where you can touch stuff (which is actually kind of scary if you think about it!) and you could feel how lovely and squishy this MCN blend is!


When I put it on the ballwinder I actually said “Oh my!” like I was channeling George Takei or something and my husband thought I was crazy. Of course he thinks most of my yarn-obsession is crazy!

But there’s a very pretty design coming very, very soon in this lovely yarn, so you might want to think about getting your hands on some! And if you’re headed to SAFF she will be there and you can actually feel all the squishy goodness. Trust me, once you squish it, you’ll need it!


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