Tutorial Tuesday: Cassian

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A lot of folks have asked how I picked up the stitches around the corner of Cassian – my design that was in the first amazing issue of The Sock Report. So I prepared a little mini tutorial on how I did it. Any technique that accomplishes the corner turn that you are happy with will work of course, this  is just how I did it!

In the first picture you can see what the corner of the shawl looks like before turning. The edging runs along the right side and there are live stitches along the top. But before we can apply the edging to those live sts, we need to turn the corner, so that the corner doesn’t bunch up. There are 11 sts to the right of the marker – those are the edging stitches. All of the corner turning stitches will be picked up before that marker.

The picture below shows 4 suggested places to pick up stitches. The right-hand column of decreases, the two bars between the stitches, and the left-hand column of single stitches before the lace begins.

 It is difficult to pick these up all at once. So what is suggested is working the lace edging until 2 sts remain (ending with the yo) and then slipping those 2 sts to the right-hand needle. Pick up a stitch with right-hand needle (such as the bar stitch pickup shown in the picture below) and then slip those 3 sts back to the left-hand needle and work the k3tog.

You will repeat this process 4 times – using the 4 suggested pick-up points. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just grab a strand and work the k3tog to anchor the turn. When the turn is completed, your corner will look like this:



  1. Cindy

    Has anyone else had trouble with row 5 on the Cassian shawl? I have restarted this so many times I have almost worn the yarn out. So, I counted how many stitches there should be after completing row 4, which I get 59. Then I counted how many stitches you need for row 5 and I get 62. Can anyone help me see what I may be doing wrong or have there been corrections ? I would appreciate the help as I am stuck!
    Thanks in advance!


    • Corrina

      I’ve counted rows 4 and 5 three times now and I get 59 after row 4 and 59 needed for row 5. According to Ravelry and the Sock Report folks there was at least one update done – my library shows version 1.1 – make sure that’s the one you are looking at!

  2. Cindy

    I just paid $6.50 to download the pattern from ravalry. It says it is version 1 and when I count the stitches needed to work row 5 I get 63. How can I get the updated version especially since I have paid for it twice know.

    • Corrina

      I sent you the file via e-mail. Did you not get it? I can’t refund your purchase of the individual pattern because that went to the Sock Report folks.

  3. Cindy

    Unfortunately I must have left the book in my husbands truck and ill have to wait until he comes back to the hospital so I can get it. So frustrating since I could probably get a good 2 or 3 hours in right now. If I do have the older version how do I go about getting the update?

  4. Cindy

    Hi Corrina,I don’t know if u got my last email but I am happy to pay for both. I do see that I have the 1.1 but row 5 is still coming out to need 63 stitches to do it the way I am counting it. Obviously I must be reading something wrong. If u could help me figure out what I would greatly appreciate it. Is ssk skip, skip, knit, which would be 3 stitches correct? It’s the only place I can think of that I could be doing something wrong.

  5. Solange Thoi

    Hi Corrina, I just finished first 16 rows of chart II, but couldn’t figure out how to work on red zone repeats. please help, thank you.

    • Corrina

      In each repeat of the 16 Rows you are adding the stitches to increase the red zone repeats. So for example on the second working of the 16 Rows there are three red zones. The right-hand red zone is worked twice. The center red zone is worked three times. And the left-hand red zone is worked twice. Stitches not used in the red zone will form the outer edge borders and the increase sections on each side. 11 sts for the RH border – work the red zone 2x – 5 sts to work the RH increases – work the red zone 3x – 5 sts to work the LH increases – work the red zone 2x – and 3 sts to work the LH border. Each time you complete 16 rows you will add one repeat of red zone sts to each side, and 2 repeats to the center.


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