Two Reasons

by | Oct 5, 2011 | life

So everything seems to happen at once around here. The good and the bad. Things are finally moving on the short sale house we put an offer on back in July – yes July.  The official offer for the house was submitted on the 7th anniversary of our first date. Sweet, huh? But now everything is moving, and moving fast. As in every single day there is something to be done for the house, and oh my goodness am I tired. Because it’s not like the rest of my commitments have slacked off. Nope, if anything I am busier than ever before!

That’s the “formal living room” in the new house. It will be my office. We are even thinking about seeing if we can put french doors up. I feel like I will finally have a real office, and that it will help with treating my business like a real business. Speaking of being a real business, I”m going to start offering PicnicKnits patterns at wholesale prices for yarn stores. To that end, I have chosen to make the prices consistent. All PicnicKnits patterns will be priced at $6 beginning on October 10th. Some prices will go down, most prices will go up 50¢ to $1. But hey, it’s not all bad news. To soften the blow of the small price increases I’m having a sale until the 10th!

All individual PicnicKnits patterns, the Blue Brims Hats e-book,  and the Sideways Shawlette e-book are on sale – 40% off! The coupon code for this sale is house. Yep, house. Because I swear I spend money every single day on this house and we haven’t even closed yet! The only thing not on sale is the Seven Songs e-book. So stock up on some PicnicKnits patterns! And if anyone has figured out how to squeeze more hours out of a day, let me know. I’m dying over here!



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