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Would you believe me if I told you I completed all the laundry yesterday? Even when something went wonky in the first load and I had to wash it three times to get all of the soap out? Well I did. Clean white little boy shirts, perfect navy little boy shorts. They won’t be perfect for long, but for right now they are.
Are you ready for a Ravelympics report? I knew you were! I must admit, I’m only watching small parts of the Olympics. The announcers annoy the frigging daylights out of me. And the commercials. Oy with with poodles already! Instead, I’ve watched the first two LOTR movies, and I finished the first disk of the 3rd one last night. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen them, so they are helping me not go to bed too early. I kind of love sleep. A lot.


Yes, I am totally inundating you with MQW pictures. It really is breath-taking though. The colors are rich and beautiful, and it’s kidsilk haze, it has a following for a reason. Ten squares down, twenty-six to go. By the way, I’m counting the large squares for the 36. Technically the instructions have 72 “blocks” but some of the them are the mini blocks, and it is better for me to keep track of large squares. But you have to admit, it is lovely. And wider than I expected. I’ve come up with a nifty system to keep track of the color changes, but you’ll have to wait for that. I have 14 more days of this Ravelympic nonsense, and I’m really gonna run out of things to say soon!


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