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I’ve gone through some tough times when I was on my own. But I figured things out and I had help from my family. Now I am incredibly blessed to have this amazing husband who works so very hard to take care of us. Sometimes things are tight around here, but we have decided it is worth it for me to stay home with the boys. I repeat, I am blessed.
But I can’t imagine if my baby needed something healthcare-wise and I had to pay out of pocket and couldn’t do it. A knitting friend needs some help. Her daughter needs dental work that costs a bundle! She is doing a fundraiser – selling knitting project bags. A knitter can always use more bags, right? I bought an adorable one with a cute little knitting skull and crossbones on it!

Isn’t she sweet? So help a knitter/mama out and buy a bag. Ooh and to sweeten the deal if you buy one of her bags, shoot me an e-mail or comment here and I will send you any two PicnicKnits patterns you would like.


  1. trillian42

    Curse you, woman! Between that darling girl and that skull-embroidered tote, I was powerless.

  2. Batty

    Yikes, I’ll see if I can scrape together some money for that skull-embroidered bag. My sister fell on her face when she was 2 and her 2 front teeth were pushed up. Somehow, they survived and came back down, alive and functioning, but I called her Dracula for years or so. I really feel for this little girl.

  3. Cathy

    I just bought one of her beautiful bags! Thanks for the heads up!!

  4. knitmomma

    Wow, so sad! I’ve ordered 2 embroidered bags, one for me and one for my daughter.


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