Unsatisfying Numbers

by | Feb 1, 2010 | Uncategorized

So I did all the morning crazy-ness. I got up early, I fixed lunches for all my menfolk. I cooked breakfast. Everyone went off to school looking neat and nice. I of course drove the boys to school with crazy hair and dark circles under my eyes. The people in the school office must be used to it by now. I very rarely put myself together anymore. Must remedy that. No one takes the woman with crazy hair and a wild look in her naked eye seriously.
And then I realized it was February. February and I don’t get along. February brings me broken arms, and crazy high temperatures, and all manner of bad stuff. But this year will be different. I will make friends with February. Friends I tell you.

I started the South Beach Diet this morning to try to take off some extra poundage. After I took the boys to school I came home and did some business stuff and have begun the process of making myself look human. Makeup is next. I’m cleaning the house and running numbers and I’m telling February in no uncertain terms that good things will happen this month.

We’re planning a Disney trip mid-February. That will be good. And the boys will start basketball practice this week. That will be good. Little J is loving his guitar lessons and Big J is still doing well with trumpet. Also good.

And I’ve raised nearly $1000 for Doctors Without Borders with my Help for Haiti campaign via Ravelry. I am giving 50% of pattern sales. The end date for this was originally yesterday. But less than $1000 – $925 and change is such an unsatisfying number. Really. We can do better. I want to break that $1000 mark. So I’m extending the contributions until February 14th. So we can send that organization a lot of love!

So if you have any PicnicKnits patterns on your to-do list, now is the time to buy. It’s my offering to February, so that it will stop kicking me in the arse.


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