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There is something powerful in a blank page. In a book that hasn’t been written yet. In the potential of an open page that begs to be written upon, that wants to know your secrets, your plans, your crazy half-baked ideas. In a secret notebook that you can call your “World Domination Plans” and no one is the wiser. And this particular sort of blank page is perfect for me. What better than graph paper for a slightly math-obsessed knitting designer who loves charts in quite an unreasonable way?


The other day I bought this lovely blank notebook. My very first real Moleskine. To help me get back on track with my designing. Now will someone tell me it’s ok to actually write in it?


  1. Sharon

    When the notebook is blank, it’s just a pretty book. When you write inside of it it becomes YOU, and that’s even prettier.

  2. Rae

    It is more then ok for you to write in that beautiful journal because writing in there is going to help you create some gorgeous & wonderful designs which in turn will make you happy.

  3. Cranky-faced Knitter

    Maybe if you think about it this way: if you don’t write in it, you’ll never fill it up and be allowed to buy another one! Yes? No?
    I purchased a bright red notebook-lined Moleskine a few months ago, my very first, so that I would start journaling again. I only had to write one sentence every day, even if I didn’t feel like it. “I don’t feel like writing” was permitted, so long as I did it. Now I’m over halfway through and can’t WAIT to actually fill up one of the bajillion journals I’ve purchased but left blank.

    It’s worth it. It’s completely worth it.


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