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It’s been a busy week. Lots of friends to visit, lots of housework to do, lots, lots, lots. I’ve been designing like crazy and dyeing yarn and I’m beat. It’s just been one of those weeks. And to add some interest to the week, Thursday night Rufus escaped.
I had just arrived home from a quick grocery trip and was opening up the back of the van when I hear the man yelling. And then the dog comes busting through the fence, gives me a sideways glance and takes off down the street. I’m in flip flops so I start to run after him, dropping my purse (and my cell phone) in the driveway. And we run. And we run. And we run. It was not pretty. My shins *still* hurt. Then we come up on a nice family and I yell to him,  “He’s harmless!” He goes right to them and then he runs away again. I pass the family and they yell out, “Sorry! We couldn’t catch him, he has no collar on!”. And at this point I’m ready to drop. “He has no collar on!?!?!?!?” So I keep running.

Eventually (about 10 blocks later) I catch the devil. I hold all of his neck scruff in both of my hands. The scary part of this is I was hoping for my husband to show up and rescue me, but no sight of him. So I wait a bit, but Rufus is trying to escape. So I pick up my 35 pound beagle and start to walk. Every block I put him down, holding him, and try to catch my breath. 6 blocks later, I’m done. I drop down on the ground I hold his neck in both hands and I try to not die.

About ten minutes later the man shows up. The boy collars the dog and hauls him into the van. The man pulls me off the ground. Miraculously the dog still lives with us. I’ve never been so mad at the dog in all my life. Of course it’s not the dog’s fault – doggy nature, beagles follow their nose and all that rot. But holy hannah. Is the dog trying to kill me?

I dyed this week as well. I got a shout out as  Etsy Shop of the Day on Lime & Violet’s Daily Chum. Which was awesome and surprising and emptied my shop pretty darn fast. So I dyed up 8 skeins of semi-precious this week and 3 have already sold. And I was really stoked that I dyed up all 8 skeins in one day. But of course then I read that Miss Violet herself used to have a process where she could dye up 200 per day and now she’s invented a process where she can five times that much. Yep, I’m humbled. But still excited. My business is little but growing. And I may never do 200 skeins in a week, but I can still make things happen.


Topaz, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Variscite, Citrine, and Aquamarine


  1. ruthee

    Love love love the colors.

  2. Daniele

    I’m so sorry that Rufus escaped, but I have to tell you I’m still cracking up!!! 🙂 Hugs.
    How exciting that your shop is selling, but I knew it would since your dyeing skills are wonderful!! Keep it up!


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