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The down was being sick. So we didn’t make Disney this past weekend because big J was sick. And then the man got sick. And then I got sick. Little J (the newly nine one) has not gotten sick yet. I *really* hope he doesn’t get sick in school. Because nothing sticks with you like a bad nickname earned from barfing on Sally’s shoes in lunch line. So bah on sickness. A pox even.
The up is really up! Even though I am still all achey from being sick, I am one excited girlie today. One of the things I really love to do is teach. Especially knitting stuff. And I’ve made some plans to do it again. A good friend of mine has this amazing home where she runs her fibery business of love. I say that with a straight face, because if you’ve ever been there, you know. So anyhow…

This is the link to the calendar. All the details and pricing will be ironed out by Sunday, September 28, 2008. I am so excited to be teaching again, that all I can do is bounce in my chair. Bouncy, bouncy.

I usually don’t post without pictures, but I can’t show you anything today. I ripped out the fragging February Lady sweater and restarted it – nothing to show there. And the sock pattern I’m working on is sooper seekrit. Speaking of that, there is only one single space left in the Belly Up To The Bar sock club. Better get it now before it’s gone.

And so my post isn’t nekkid without a picture…


If you buy 9 votives at Yankee Candle they give you this precious little apple basket. Yes, I know I could have just bought the basket for $4.99, but free is so much better. Even if I did have to drop $20 to get it!

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  1. Jennifer

    It looks like you’re doing great! Like you, I love to teach, and I can hardly wait to do it again. 7 months out of pocket is entirely too long! Wish I could do the sock club. I’ve been oohing and aahing, but with 2 houses, and 1 cat that cost me $1,000 in two days this week, my hopes are dashed. We shall hope for better times in the future…


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