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by | Dec 4, 2005 | Uncategorized

I think I now know why I don’t finish anything. Not only do I flit from thing to thing but I am the slowest knitter in the history of the world. Seriously.

Last night I knit from 6pm to 4am with only short breaks for munchies and bathroom. And a half hour for the Starbucks run from hell. But other than that – what is that? about 8-9 hours of knitting?

You wanna know what I finished? Nothing. Nothing. I worked about 25 rows on my rogue hood. I still have I think 30 to go. No sleeves. Just neverending hood.

And I cast on for jaywalker socks in the stargazer lily. Only got the better part of a figure eight toe on that one.

Why am I so freaking slow?

In other news, the knit-in was great! An amazing variety of ages and experience levels of knitters. And everyone was so nice and fun. And we laughed. And just had a really, really, good time.

Since then I have had two hours of sleep. I’d love to take a picture of my pathetic rogue hood progress for you, but I really must sleep. Now.


  1. Jennifer

    Glad the knit in went well! Slow is fine! You’ll get it all finished.

  2. Karen

    A knit-in! Now I’M jealous!

    And whaddya mean, “only” 16 FOs so far this year?! You’re a regular assembly line compared to me.

  3. Beth

    I’m also a pathetically slow knitter. So much so that I made a “pokey purler” button for my blog. Feel free to lift it if your are so inclined…


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