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So the love for Vittorio has made me super, super happy. It’s been a busy and exhausting few months and to have it come out to such appreciation has been quite the blessing. So thank you! But just to be clear this pattern would not be awesome were it not for Dyeabolical‘s amazing yarn. Even if the Flower Shop Inferno colorway is sold out, any of her gorgeous variegates would work!
So we’re having a knitalong. And here’s the very loosely structured rules:

1. Start a Vittorio shawlette anytime before noon EST on April 23rd.

2. Set-up proof of project. This can be a Rav project page (preferred), a link to a blog entry, or a link to photo hosted elsewhere online (flickr, etc.) Said pictures just have to show that you’ve cast-on. We ain’t setting any lofty Speedy Gonzalez goals here!

3. Comment on this entry with the link to your proof of project.

That’s it! I will be offering pattern support and chit-chat in the PicnicKnits group on Ravelry. I will have weekly drawings on Mondays, starting April 23rd, and continuing for four weeks. Each Monday I will choose two winners from the following fabulous prizes:

This amazing handspun yarn by Heather Zoppetti of digitalnabi – she’s also an amazing designer! It’s 434 yards of polwarth in a heavy fingering weight.

Also by Heather, these stitch markers, guaranteed to make you squee and available in her Etsy shop.

The amazing excel program Gauge Master by fairieknits, who also designs purty things!

A $20 gift certificate to Palm Valley Fiber, handspun yarns from my very own Kimber. Yes, she mine. No, you can’t have her!

A set of large stitch markers from BeaGin Design. Love the no snags!

A skein of yarn from Dyeabolical Yarns. And just to let you know I will totally be designing with her stuff again. The colors, the squooshiness.. it’s amazing stuff. I actually have a lace shawl in progress that I will give you a sneak peek of tomorrow!

And lastly, a copy of each of my e-books, Sideways Shawlettes (which contains 8 other sideways patterns) and the Seven Songs.

So make sure you follow the rules – comment here to enter with the link to your proof of project. Good luck!


  1. Ro

    Ok I think I just found my pre-Stitches shawlette!

  2. Susan

    I’m loving this pattern! Just couldn’t wait to cast on for this KAL this evening, right after I decided on the yarn (Fleece Artist Somoko.) It’s so fun to see the chevron stripes and cool color pattern developing! Here’s my Rav project page:

  3. Cindy Oertel

    The first time I saw a peek of the pattern on the blog I wanted it and to knit it. So I patiently waited and checked and waited and was so excited for it to finally be released.I cast on Wednesday and have just finished Section C, think I will be finished by the end of the weekend. So enjoyable and easy to knit. Instructions are awesome.

  4. Eva Rueschmann

    Here is my Rav project page with proof of cast on:

    I’m almost done with section B and look forward to seeing the shawlette “grow.” Great design that works really well with my Ella Rae Merino Lace.

  5. Kara

    I’m in! I started this weekend. :)

  6. jenna m

    I’m really enjoying this so far… I’m on row 105

  7. Becky Elder

    I just heard about this KAL at my “stitch and bitch” last night and am in!!! Must say that a 12 page pattern is a bit intimidating….but it is printing as we speak. Am getting ready to wind three skeins of Koigu KPPPM I have had for years and have just not found the pattern that suits until today. Will post a like to my Ravelry project as soon as I get it cast on!!

  8. Joette

    My friend, Melodie, got me excited about Vittorio. I have 19 rows done. Now I just have to figure out how to link my Ravelry project. Thanks for the KAL. It is my first.

  9. DebW

    This is pattern is very enjoyable! Worst part so far was figuring out how to upload a photo of it to my Ravelry project page!

  10. Joette

    I did the link – but it says my comment is awaiting moderation. So I will just say thanks again!

  11. Antalee

    Thanks for this pattern, it helped me out of a knitting blockade, jumped into my eyes and I immediately knew which skein to use – a very wild one :-)Here’s my poor proof, but for sure I will continue within the next minutes 🙂

  12. Karen

    I saw someone’s finished Vittorio this morning, queued it immediately, received the pattern as a gift this afternoon, and cast on this evening. WHEW!

    This will be a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law.

  13. emmy

    Well….after much starting and frogging I think I have one that is working. Here is the link to my Rav Project Page.
    I am really loving the pattern and could almost knit the 1st 12 rows without looking!!!

  14. FiberNerd

    I love the pattern, great idea for using those highly variegated yarns! I’ve started one at . I’m actually using two yarns, one variegated and one solid, switching every repeat of the edging.

  15. KateJonze

    Yay for a KAL! The second I saw Flower Shop Inferno and Vittorio together I jumped on it and scored a skein of this gloriously happy yarn. I started the shawl last week ( but have been rushing a gift knit, so Vittorio has been sitting in his project bag quietly calling my name for the last week. He’ll get more love this week.

  16. connie sharrett

    I can’t make the 12 deadline. Still eligible if I make 12:30?

  17. Connie Sharrett

    ok, finally figured out how to upload the photo from my phone!
    I hope this is right! lol


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